How to Make Your Brand More Trustworthy

Trust is one of the main factors customers consider when contemplating a purchase from a brand. Customers may recognize your brand and like your brand, but if they don’t trust your brand, they simply won’t buy from you.

But building trust is hard to do. You can’t immediately trust a brand any more than you can immediately trust a complete stranger. The problem is most brands don’t have the resources to slowly build trust with individuals over an extended period of time.

Although you can’t immediately make your brand trustworthy to everyone, there are a few strategies you can use to help increase the trustworthiness of your brand in a short amount of time:

1. Give Your Brand a Face

It’s natural for people to distrust unfamiliar brands. But when you add a face to your message, people automatically start to identify with your brand. Do this by including stock photos of people every time you generate ads, posts and designs. Take it to the next level by using the actual faces of your brand and the members of your team.

2. Embrace Customer Testimonials and Reviews

People look to other people for their opinions, even if they don’t know them. A recent survey found that 39 percent of online users regularly consult online reviews before making a purchase, and another 49 percent of people do so occasionally. That means 88 percent of people at least occasionally consult reviews before buying. Instantly win trust with your buyers by including some of your reviews and testimonials in your ads, on your website and in your social media feeds.

3. Be Upfront and Honest

People will trust you more if you express honest opinions, thoughts and news with your them. For example, if you receive a negative review, respond with admission of failure and an apology, or consider making a public post that your website is down. It may not always be good news, but people will respect you more if you’re direct and honest with them about what’s going on.

4. Listen

Listening is one of the easiest ways to build trust with people because it shows you sincerely care. When someone comments on our comment on your blog, complains on social media, or calls you about their service, address them personally and take the time to listen to them. Show them you understand by repeating what they’ve told and by giving them a personal response or apology. People like to be treated with respect and will being to trust you more if they are listened to and treated kindly.